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How Does Social Media Bring Contact?


It’s very interesting. There are two types of social media out there: the kind that serves itself and the kind that serves others. One would think that the kind that serves itself to be better for business, and the other for non-profits. But the self-serving kind of social media only appeals to a small group of people who will like…

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$47 $97 $197 $1,997 What? Really


Have you noticed this or is it just me? Feeling jilted or suckered by something I’ve purchased from Marketing  “GURUS” selling their wares. Packaged so you think you are buying their genius and that it will make you as successful or richer than they are.  Hmmmmm. Well, their “wares” may work for a few (really 1% – 2%), but the…

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Web Design vs. Content Management


What is the difference? Web design is the process of making a web site with images, information, links and appealing content to highlight a company, an organization, a brand, a person or an idea and get that information out to the world. Content Management can in a technical sense be considered a subset of this, in that the content is…

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The Launch


Greetings! It’s TechnoMomma! I have been really busy working to have a clear understanding of what I am doing with local mobile marketing. I am not only reading everything I can set my eyes on—written and video—I am attending webinars all over the place. This is what has come of  that: A business I can do. First, helping a small…

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TechnoMomma Talks about Local Mobile Marketing


I am TechnoMomma and this is my first blog. I have thought about what I should write about. What would make me stop and read, such as, what really captures my attention? What really works? What would make you pay attention to my message and me so that I can help you—a real win/win deal? The story I tell in…

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TechnoMomma’s rollout of her new products


TechnoMomma is coming at you with a smart phone in one hand and a solution in the other. In less than 48 hours, TechnoMomma will be rolling out the latest in Local Mobile Marketing. Did you ever wonder what happened to all the people driving around with their cell phones looking for your business? Wonder no longer. TechnoMomma is going to show…

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